Managing Urbanisation Dynamics in Response to COVID-19 in Africa with focus on: Dakar, Ouagadougou, Legon, Ile.ife and Lagos.

23rd Nov 2020

Laboratoire Citoyennetés in collaboration with the Institute of Social Sciences took part in a webinar on 24 September 2020, organised by the University of Lagos in Nigeria on the theme Managing the Dynamics of Urbanisation in response to COVID-19.

Representatives from Burkina Faso, Ghana and Senegal participated in the webinar and discussed the sub-themes of COVID-19 & Housing, COVID-19 & Urban governance, COVID-19 & Urban infrastructure, COVID-19 & Informality.

Dr Jocelyne Vokouma of Laboratoire Citoyennetés provided an input on Informality & COVID-19.

Download her presentation here.